Thursday, July 17, 2014

the thing that makes me mad the most

It's a random thing to talk to. there was a time when a registration form came and asked me, "what is the thing that make me mad the most?"

well it's kind of my long answer for that (well, I actually I only answered in one sentence on that form)

I am a person with a bad temper, so I got angry on many things. But I will really mad until the anger will overflow and I can't even take my self to yell. I hate that I really can't fix it right.

I will really get angry when I have tried so hard on something but it isn't paid enough, I mean, I didn't reach my goal. it sucks. it's annoying.

but I really understand if I stop, it'll cause another failure.

I am a lively person yet I always find my self to focus, people may think I am overact on that kind of thing but I can't take my self not to worry, I hate to face failure. I hate it more if I have ever tried so hard. but there's no other way out from failure other than get up, try on another and back to life so I often seem have significant change of my habit, sometimes my character too, I'll do anything even if it must change my daily routine, my time, my close friends, my self (Re: character) because I will try many routes until I find the most efficient and have the largest chance of win.

I am a bad person to make "change my close friends" to reach my goal, honestly it sucks to be with a person whom I fully open on her/him and receive 100% of trust but her/him doesn't think the same. yet it is a different matter if her/him think the same, I will treasure her/him no matter what.

it's a bit out of topic but whenever I think about friend of friends, I always figure one person.
that person was not always around me, sometimes we were a good stranger, sometimes we were a good enemy. sometimes that person was such a drag, annoying but it's something like a friend that God gives to me so I can go on. you know what? that person was always be there when I felt down, when I thought "today was so bad, I don't know what to do anymore." not a nice type one but that person talked to me and made fun of me (annoying, yeah?) until I forget how heavy are those 1074981748197 kilograms of problems, he didn't tell me "semangat" or anything, I am quite sure he didn't even realize I was felt down but yeah once more like a friend God gives me, when my girl-close-friends didn't even realize that when they got a party and didn't invite me and stupidly I was so sad, but  he realize and he came and invited me. it a bit bother me I replied "no" in mad sound, I really should reply "no but thank you for realizing."
he makes me think life is fair enough. 
Allah gives me more than I supposed to hope.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Be a Cendekiawan.

Cendekia: tajam pikiran; lekas mengerti (kalau diberi tahu sesuatu); cerdas; pandai; 2 cepat mengerti situasi dan pandai mencari jalan keluar (pandai menggunakan kesempatan); cerdik; 3 terpelajar; cerdik pandai; cerdik cendekia (KBBI)

From my opinion cendekiawan is a person who has big curiosity. spend most of his/her time to learn about something. and a cendekiawan shouldn't give a limit about what he/she needs to learn, for example ibnu sina had master several things, like physiscs, math, medicine, law and many things.
my father once said that every subject you learn is always connected to others, for example even if I want to be an engineer I can't run from the fact that engineer needs to learn about economy, people and many things. like a civil engineers need to know the behavior of people who will live in the building they bulid

cendekiawan is not always a fast learner but he/she uses his/her time wisely, has a good time management.
make a classification or priority scale for their life, what's importance and what's not, urgent or not.

a cendekiawan should use their knowledge to help people, because it will be useless if you only save it for your self.

there are four types of people in this world,
1. people with knowledge but they don't care to others
 for example: corruptor
2. people without knowledge but they care to others
for exampe: "para pendemo"
3. people without knowlwdge and don't care to other
 for example: criminals

then cendekiawan should be this 4th type, 
a person with knowledge and care about others.

Monday, December 23, 2013


having a hard time to have a sleep, it's so tired. ahhh I really want to finish this as soon as best as possible so I can go home as soon as possible, missing my friends so much, had dreams about yesyouknowwho recently, I hope we can meet. 
so seriously civil engineering is so tiring, but somehow I like it, although my passion is just steps forward from JTSL.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

with and without

bagi orang yang belum baca atau belum paham mungkin kalau ada yang denger arsitektur lansekap itu yang kebayang ngerancang taman. gak sepenuhnya salah tapi gak sepenuhnya bener juga.

setau gue arsitektur lansekap itu  belajar arsitektur makro (kayak ekonomi aja ya)

Arsitektur Lansekap adalah ilmu yang mempelajari tentang seniperencanaanperancanganmanajemenperawatan, dan perbaikan tanah dan perancangan konstruksi buatan-manusia skala besar. Ruang lingkup dari profesi ini termasuk desain arsitektural, perencanaan lokasi, pengembangan estaterestorasi lingkunganperencanaan kota, perencanaan taman dan rekreasi,perencanaan regionalperencanaan ruang, dan perawatan sejarah.

jadi intinya bukan desain taman aja, emangnya tukang kebun.

diluar dari definisi itu, ada passion yang hilang saat penambahan "lansekap" di jurusan arsi yang amat gue impikan. Ibarat dokter, kalau didepan kata dokter di kasih penambahan "hewan" itu beda kan passionnya?
sama sih dokter tapi dengan objek yang berbeda, arsitektur juga gitu. gue gak bilang beda tapi ada passion yang hilang karna penambahan tersebut. bukan karna gengsi tapi karna sukanya sama arsi, tidak terbatas hanya pada makronya saja.

pengen banget bilang ke ayah kenapa gue masih mau coba juga tahun depan, karna kalau udah cinta walau nanti terkantuk-kantuk ngerjain desain atau maket I will give my best.

jadi mohon doanya ya yang baca artikel ini, semoga tahun depan gue bisa masuk jurusan arsi tok di institut tercinta banget. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Man shabara zafira.

after rejected on May, it took something from me, it hurt. really. the desire to get it suddenly made me rethink, is that dream too much for me? and on that day, is it really impossible?

something that made me survive today is the pray from my mom&father.
and to see my parents start to make me think again about what will I choose. he said, "something that you can get it." ................he is right, rational. it feels like I have made him disappointed.

the wound from the rejection and 'rational mind' really have changed me.
what I can do rite now, only study, pray to make my parents proud of me.

studying while seeing my friends on social network *If you know what I mean* it is a little boring. but I believe in Allah. Man shabara zafira.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

year book

on the 5th may, my class had photo session for the year book. it was tiring but fun at the same time.
and it was the first time I wore high heels -__-
it took long time to make-up, and this is it, after make up!

how could yuni stand up with 10 cm heels? I coudn't make it anyway -__-

waiting for my turn!

It took so much time to wait for the turn, joke maybe a solution.

The girls

it was so tiring but it was so fun. Thank you science 5 '13!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

fashion hunter

gak kerasa minggu depan foto buku tahunan dan belum kebayang bajunya gimana tapi untungnya ada looklet demo :""""""""")
so this is it!
jadinya ada bayangan nanti beli bajunya yang kaya gimana hehe tinggal liat aja nanti ada ga yang mirip-mirip kaya gitu hehe  WML! :D